Asset Reporting

Having access to key asset data is critical to making educated decisions, SyAM provides this information and much more.

Asset Summary Reports

Gain insight into how all of your assets are being utilized. View summary and detailed reports that break down your most installed applications, most common operating systems used, and much more.

Directly export results to PDF or CSV for spreadsheets.

By using the filters within the Asset Dashboard you are able to update the report quickly without further navigation.

Application Inventory Reports

The intelligent SyAM Client checks hourly on changes being made to hardware and software configurations so you are always on top of your Application Inventory.

You can filter down to a specific application or go even with version number, this enables the granularity required to make key decisions on system upgrades.

Using the report you’ve now got the target list of systems to run the software deployment to.

User Audit Reporting

Rest assured that all your security concerns will be addressed. Our Audit Reporting Software is a window into all user activity, including specific dates, times, and most recent users. Easily accessible, and available in real-time, intelligent SyAM client records are at your fingertips.

Importing / Exporting Assets

When required, you can export all of your Asset Data into a CSV file format, where it can be then further utilized in a spreadsheet.

By using the filters within the Asset Dashboard you can quickly narrow down the asset information to be exported, via asset classification, to location or model number.

The exported asset CSV file contains the Field Names in Row 1 so you can quickly navigate and make any necessary updates which you may then import back into the Asset Database.

About us

SyAM Software provides organizations a simple way to manage their IT Assets. From the integrated help desk for service tracking to the unified device management of Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and ChromeOS platforms for keeping data current from intelligent assets.

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