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Simplify Your Asset Management

Our software simplifies the way you manage all your IT Assets, with Unified Device Management and integrated Help Desk you have everything in one place, accessible from any browser, mobile or desktop

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Streamline your Help Desk

We reduce Help desk workload by empowering your end users with problem reporting through a customizable self service portal or enabled user group controlled email to ticket

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Unified Device Management

  • Unify
    We unify the Management of Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Chrome OS devices, from enrollment, configuration to application deployment, power management and inventory control, keeping your IT Asset database current with configuration and access information.

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Guaranteed Energy Savings

By implementing the intelligent power management from SyAM, you reduce operating costs realize an ROI in just a few short months all without disrupting users productivity.

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Resolve from Anywhere, Mobile or Desktop

It enables your technicians with the tools to resolve issues and communicate ticket status through a browser interface that’s simple to use mobile friendly and gives remote access from any device

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Efficient Software Deployment

Push out Apps and configuration profiles to your Mobile Devices without user intervention, or deploy software applications, updates and Windows Updates to your PC's with minimal effort

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What our clients say ?

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"When I looked at SyAM I saw that it was exactly what we needed. SyAM not only handled power management but included other applications that we needed. In total, we could get a system that would control all our machines, reduce power consumption, push software, manage assets, generate reports, manage mobile devices, include a ticketing system and save us a lot of time and money"

“SyAM has been instrumental in allowing us to add more devices, even while we were reducing resources. We could only do that because SyAM has so much functionality.”

"For us, it’s one of those ‘set it and forget’ kind of things. It simply runs on its own. Since SyAM is an integrated solution it was easy to simply start using SyAM for asset management. SyAM is one of the best vendors we’ve ever worked with."

“I would definitely recommend SyAM; not only because of the cost savings, which are significant, but also its environmental impact savings, and how hands-on and simple SyAM has made it for us during the installation process”



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