Public Forms

SyAM’s Public Forms feature a quick way to capture data from end-users into Help Desk tickets.

Unlike other forms that simply generate an email with the information, SyAM’s Public Form creates a ticket with the information, inserting the customer name, email, telephone number and student school location so existing rules for ticket assignment can take place.

Form to Ticket

Create your own form by dragging in the fields required, then customize with the data specific to your target audience whether it be parents and students or staff working remotely.

As the form requires no authentication you can post the link directly on your web site.

You can have multiple forms which enables you to present languages based on your districts requirements.

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SyAM Software provides organizations a simple way to manage their IT Assets. From the integrated help desk for service tracking to the unified device management of Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and ChromeOS platforms for keeping data current from intelligent assets.

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