Asset Management

The primary goal of SyAM’s software is to simplify the management of all devices across your network, bringing their configuration data to a centralized Asset Database using an Asset Management Dashboard to quickly access key data.

Centralized Asset Management

SyAM’s simplifies your business by combing all of your IT supported assets into a single database.

Intelligent Assets such as Windows and Linux PC’s, laptops and servers, Apple Mobile Devices and Chromebooks keep their data current, enabling you to see real time configuration and usage data from a single interface.

Static assets can be uploaded in bulk and then kept up to date through the same SyAM interface, enabling all assets to be reported on by location, function, operating system, owner and other key asset attributes, all through the single interface.

PC Management

Its more than just system configuration data

  • Remote Access (in-band and out-of-band)
  • Power Controls (Scheduled or on-demand)
  • Application deployment
  • Application Reporting
  • User Auditing
  • Monitoring and Alerting

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Apple Devices

With the integrated MDM you can manage your Apple Devices

  • Manage iPads, iPhones, iPods
  • Deploy Apps through VPP
  • Lock down and Track supervised devices anywhere in the world
  • Enroll and manage Apple TV’s
  • Enroll and report on Macs

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With Google Admin Console integration you can make updates directly within the SyAM Interface

  • Track Chromebook hardware configuration
  • Track Chromebook Usage
  • Move and update one or many devices
  • Update annotated fields
  • Create/Edit Org Path
  • Create/Edit Users

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About us

SyAM Software provides organizations a simple way to manage their IT Assets. From the integrated help desk for service tracking to the unified device management of Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and ChromeOS platforms for keeping data current from intelligent assets.

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