Chromebook Management

Integration with Google Admin Console

SyAM’s Chromebook management is designed to complement your existing tools used in the current Google Admin Console. By leveraging the GAC API’s, SyAM integrates seamlessly and provides a simple, user-friendly interface that combines the capabilities of searching, viewing, and editing your Chromebook devices, users, and organizational units.

Simplified Chromebook Management

Smart integration with SyAM’s Asset management provides you with the ability to define asset location and function values at the Organizational unit level. As you move devices into a specific unit, your asset database is automatically updated with the correct location and function information. This feature allows you to have a comprehensive view of all asset types across your organization from a single dashboard.

In the SyAM interface, you can easily program Annotated fields for one or multiple Chromebooks. Any changes made through SyAM are instantly updated in the Google Admin Console (GAC).

To make bulk changes efficiently, you have the option to import a CSV file. This allows you to update Chromebook Org paths or annotated fields quickly and easily. SyAM instantly applies these updates to the GAC.

When searching for a user in the SyAM interface, you can locate them by name. From there, you have the ability to make changes to their information, reset passwords, or move them to a different organizational unit. Additionally, you can create and delete users directly within the SyAM interface.

Similarly, you can search for devices in the SyAM interface using criteria such as name, serial number, or model. Once located, you can make changes to annotated fields and move devices to a new organizational unit. Rest assured that the Google Admin Console is updated in real time.

The automatic mapping of Annotated fields simplifies the process of updating asset information. For example, you can map the Annotated Asset ID to the Asset Number field or map the Annotated User ID to the Owner field. This automated mapping ensures that asset information remains accurate and up to date.

Chromebook 1 to 1 Device Insurance Tracking

Many districts are now providing Chromebooks for 1 to 1 programs where students become the owner of the device for the school year. Tracking which student has been assigned which Chromebook becomes a simpler task with SyAM, by using the asset ownership field and utilizing the import update feature, getting all this data in place takes minimal effort.

Additionally, SyAM offers Asset Protection (Insurance) tracking, which provides an expanded functionality. With this feature, parents can sign up online for damage/repair coverage based on the plans defined by the school district. SyAM enables the identification of specific events in a ticket when a claim is made against the insurance. This allows administrative staff to process necessary billing for non-covered devices efficiently.

To support the financial aspect, SyAM integrates with the finance department by providing a simple payment register. This allows the IT staff to easily identify which policies have yet to be paid for when viewing the ticket, streamlining the administrative and financial processes related to insurance claims and payments.

Unified Asset Dashboard

The Asset dashboard provides the key Chromebook Asset Management at your fingertips. Instantly filter out devices with older ChromeOS versions that are no longer supported for your testing apps, or report on specific device models. All results on screen can be exported to a CSV file for further use in spreadsheets.

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