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What Is Power Management?

Although several of our audience is very familiar with power management, our team at SyAM Software wanted to take a moment to take a step back.  For those of you wondering, “What is power management?” This article is for you!


The fundamental way to answer the question, “what is power management,” is as follows:

Power management is a set of features that provide the ability to control powering on and off  of your computer through intelligent local controls and remote controls from within your network.   Power reduction is enabled through a series of customized policies that are uniquely developed to suit your environment.  For example, at SyAM, we begin the process by performing a power audit across the entire network.  This audit will allow our team to work with administrators by identifying potential savings opportunities and customizing an automated schedule for your network.


Why is power management critical to your network?

There are several benefits that power management provides.  The most significant benefit within the educational space is the reduction of energy usage.  With this reduction of ever-increasing energy costs, your organization will be saving money within the allotted budget.  Opening funding to be used in other areas that may need focus and attention.  Where needed, the software can be scheduled to power up groups of systems enabling them for software updating.  These updates can be ready for immediate use by end users.


How are you going to reduce our energy use?

With specially designed software, SyAM Software will enable your organization to recognize, review, and reschedule areas of the current plan that are costing you too much money.  Administrators and IT teams are empowered with the proper tools to act without interrupting productivity, reducing unnecessary consumption and saving money.


Will these tools disrupt users?

One of the best features of SyAM’s power management software is that your users will never know the difference.  Behind the scenes, monitoring and scheduling allows administrators to fully management the parameters to ensure optimal user performance.  However, if a user is still working, parameters will delay scheduled shutdowns to ensure the safety of productivity.


For more information on how power management may benefit your educational environment, contact our team at SyAM Software.  Since our inception in 2003, we have enabled organizations of all sizes the ability to operate not only with more budget-friendly efficiency but also with proactive unified device management tools.  Call today to learn just how easy we make life (888) 864-3964.

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