IT Software Deployment

Keeping systems up to date across an entire network can be a challenging task. It is nearly impossible to keep systems fresh with so many different software applications, security patches, and other updates constantly needed. SyAM's IT Software Deployment tool enables IT administrators to distribute software, and schedule patch deployment across the entire network without having to leave their desks.

Using existing Windows authentication you can deploy applications silently across the network, staring with the SyAM Client and then once managed you can deploy anything else required. As long as it can be done with silent parameters.

Customization to Deploy Anything You Need

Whether you want to push out a simple update, such as Flash or Java, or a fully configured Office 365, software deployment enables you to handle this quickly with minimal effort.

Configure the template, select target machines, and schedule the job; deployment is that simple.

All deployment is performed silently not to disrupt users.

You can deploy executables, MSI's, registry edits, scripts, and batch files.


We validate and publish core application deployment information through our online help. If you don't find what you need, contact our helpdesk, and we'd be glad to validate it for you in our labs.



Deploy to one or many with a click of a mouse

Applications can be deployed remotely to groups or individual systems. You can simply create a template that will run a job with the executable file you wish to distribute.



Windows Updates

When tied in with SyAM's Intelligent Power Management Windows updates can be deployed without disrupting users productivity and keeping their systems secure and up to date.


Patch Management

Microsoft Patch Management can be executed on demand or through a scheduled job.

When performing a Patch Scan on demand the identified missing Microsoft patches will b presented in a matrix, each system scanned will have all of its identified patches shown, the type of missing patches can be filtered.

You can select the patches that you wish to deploy for each system.


Scheduled Patch Deployment

You can define the level of patches to identify and deploy through a Patch management template, that way you can run critical and security patching more frequently than the other optional patches available.


SyAM Academy Training

Software Deployment Training

Client Deployment Training

Patch Management Quick Reference Guide


“I decided to go with SyAM because it handled our three needs and also addressed application deployment, which traditionally has been a very difficult challenge for Canton Schools. Being able to deploy things like Adobe, Flash Player, and Java can be challenging. SyAM was able to handle that really well for us."

Canton Public Schools