Remote Access Software

Remote Access Software

Staying proactive with computer issues, without decreasing productivity, is a common challenge within organizations. Deskside visits to resolve issues can be costly in regards to time and budget.  This delicate balance puts constant pressure on the IT staff to resolve problems quickly.

SyAM Software offers a cost effective way to address and resolve problems efficiently. With remote management capabilities, administrators have full control over their environment. Remote access to managed systems allows IT to diagnose, and often times resolve issues, without the need to leave their desk.

Remote KVM Control

IT Administrators and technicians can remotely manage keyboard and mouse control of assets. This equipment is a superior way to provide customer technical support.

Remote Power Controls

Remote power allows technicians to enable system shut down and restart remotely. Also, SyAM has the capability to perform wake-ups using Wake-on-LAN technology.

Remote Out of Band Management Technology Comparison Matrix

Intel® vPro™ 

Intel® vPro™ – SyAM Software simplifies rollout and use of Intel® vPro™ Technology.  By enabling administrators to fully utilize the key Intel® vPro™ Technology, they benefit from anywhere in the world.

Key benefits include full KVM during boot up and operating states, along with secure power controls.


Secure Power Controls

Reboot a hung system, power it on straight into BIOS to enable a configuration change, power on booting from an ISO image stored on the SyAM Server or just securely power off.


IPMI provides secure out of band server management, SyAM supports the IPMI 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 standard


Secure Access

Secure Power Controls and Hardware Log access

View hardware logs on the server,  forcefully power on or off and by clicking identify the front and rear LED's will flash enabling quick identification of the problem server in a rack of many servers.



SyAM Academy Training

Qualified HP Solutions with Intel vPro

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"Remote Access saves me a lot of time and is a feature that I use a lot"

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