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Simplify your iOS Mobile Device Management

Managing iOS devices can become a simple task with the Mobile Device Management features SyAM offers. From streamlining the automated application deployment to the profile management, we keep it simple to configure and use, all while doing the work for you.


Create a Management Tree Based on How You Want to Manage

Providing administrators the ability to create a Management Tree structure based upon the way you want to manage your devices. Sub-groups inherit apps and profiles, allowing for a quick configuration.


App Packages

Create App Packages, fill them with the relevant apps, and drop the package onto the tree. We do the work from here.  Deploying to devices that are added, and removing from the device that is no longer in the group, SyAM manages VPP License making it easy for you; without requiring multiple Apple ID’s.


By simply selecting automatic updates, you are enabled to lockdown apps, or keep them updated, without the need to do anything.

App Packages can be stacked for different branches of the Management Tree.  Thus, you're enabled to use the same package for different groups.

Schools can deploy the same 1St Grade App package to all elementary schools, or Google Apps to all school buildings with Software Application Deployment.



Create Profiles with the required payload and drop them on the tree, we’ll apply for you.

Subgroups inherit apps and profiles, making it simple to roll out a restriction, or application, to all systems in a school at all grades and levels.



Compliance reporting provides IT a quick understanding on of which devices have all apps and profiles, and what each noncompliant device may still requires.

Make Changes on the Fly

With minimal effort required by IT to implement changes, changes are a breeze.  When an app is added to an App Package, SyAM will automatically upgrade all systems utilizing the particular App Package.


Track and Secure Devices From Anywhere in the World

With Lockdown and Tracking, securing and finding missing iOS devices becomes a quick task no matter where the device is located.

Integrated Asset Management

SyAM’s mobile device management automatically rolls all iOS devices into your Asset Database.  Complete with full configuration and application information.


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"Their Mobile Device Management has been fantastic. I have a bird's eye view of all the iPads and the apps that are loaded on each one"

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