Ticket Management

Allowing users to respond efficiently to tickets, SyAM’s Help Desk Ticket Managing System is a crucial element.  The system allows smooth operation of assets across a network; with a significant reduction in downtime.

Centralized Asset Management

Offering many features, the customizable, centralized, dashboard allows needs to be met.  Users and technicians have the ability to quickly open existing tickets to add comments and attachments.  Further, the knowledge database provides solutions to common problems in a timely fashion.

Ticket Filtering

Filtering enables technicians quick access to specific information.  Categories such as location, owner, and asset classification are a few among many categories.  Technicians are also enable to filter tickets to see which are open, and still need addressing.

Auto-Ticket Assignments

Auto-Ticketing rules can be established by administrators. This feature gives ability to automatically assign tickets to technicians based on specific types of assets and issue reported. Further, location is also taken into consideration so the proper technician is assigned to the ticket.


Ticketing Field Customization

The software contains the most common fields for capturing the information on a ticket, but should you need other fields, administrators can customize fields.  These fields can be utilized in the create ticket screen and in the self-service portal.


Parent and Student Tickets and Ticket Templates

Tickets can be associated to other tickets where one becomes the Parent and the other the student.

Administrators can create Parent/Student templates for common ticket requests that require multiple actions to be completed; such as adding a new hire.