Chromebook Management

Chromebooks are becoming the core resource utilized by students and staff at schools; enabling students with a mobile computer to assist in their education. As with any computer device, the cost of maintenance can become significant. Especially when damage coverage is concerned.

With individual insurance polices, administrators need an efficient way to track which students have which coverage.  Knowing who paid for which device, and who still owes money is essential.

Whether you have a 1-to-1 program, where students take the device home or remain at school, SyAM’s Chromebook Insurance policy tracking can simplify Chromebook management.  From parent signup, billing, payment tracking, and, most important, the insurance claims against the device. The policy has several aspects that make management useful and straightforward for all users involved.

Some of the key features include:

  • Ability to create different strategies that the school offers, define devices and coverage.
  • Provides an online portal for students and parents to signup for a chosen policy.
  • Send customized invoices directly to the parents for the plan selected.
  • Import existing Chromebook insurance policies into the system.
  • Assign device ownership using an active directory.
  • Track tickets relating to insurance claims against the device.

Keeping financial information up-to-date has never been easier.  Simply export the invoice register to update the payment information. Then import the updated CSV file to update the invoice register within SyAM.

The invoices dashboard enables the recording of payments, and the ability to resend the invoice to a designated email address.

Technicians can view the Student Chromebook asset detail at any time.  Not only does this show configuration, but service history of reported issues, insurance policy, and insurance claims are also available.

Should the Chromebook need to be replaced, the policy can be reassigned to a new Chromebook asset for that student (Subscriber).


The Asset Protection Claims Dashboard presents all insurance claims.

From within the IT asset database management dashboard, administrators can view the insurance claims for a specific asset. This dashboard also shows the total count of claims made against a particular policy.

SyAM’s Chromebook policy tracking makes life at schools and other facilities that much simpler thanks to consistent, thorough updates and a user-friendly interface.

To learn more about centralized asset management, contact us today.  Let SyAM show you how simple and  effective Chromebook management can be within your school district.


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"I don't know how else we could keep track of which students have insurance, which policy they are on, which incident it is, and how we proceed with repairs. That type of management is critical and it is built in to SyAM."

Windsor Public Schools