Unified Device Management

The primary goal of SyAM’s software is simplify the management of all your devices across the network, bringing their configuration data to a centralized Asset Database using an Asset Management Dashboard to quickly access key data.

With our Unified Device Management, you can use a single tool to deploy software to your Windows PC’s, enable policies, and deploy apps to your iOS devices, as well as track and manage your Chromebooks.

In addition the management functions, users can tie in their service history with the integrated Help Desk Solution.  Further allowing the management of your Asset life cycle.

With IT asset audit software, planning future paths and making decision is simplified.  Administrators are enabled to upgrade older systems that may be overloaded.  As well as relocate utilized assets versus purchasing new equipment.


Centralized Asset Management

SyAM provides administrators the following key asset information from its intelligent assets in real time:

  • System Hardware Configuration: Serial Number, Service Tag, BIOS, firmware, Processor, Memory, etc.
  • Operating System Configuration: Level, Build, etc.
  • Applications, App Name, Version: Vendor, etc.
  • Asset Data: Location, Function, Last Used, User Access Time/Date, etc.


All assets contain additional data that can be uploaded from a CSV file or manually entered.

  • Asset Number, Ownership, Department, Room Number.
  • Financial Information:  Purchase Details, Replacement Information, Depreciation, Vendor, etc.
  • Service History: Contract Details, Service History, Open or Closed Tickets, etc.


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"With SyAM’s Asset Management, I feel that, for the first time, we have a solid handle on our assets, how many we have, and the health of each one.”

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