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SyAM and HP Certification

The experts here at SyAM software are proud to announce the certification of the latest HP Z platforms with our Software Management Solutions.  We have been working with HP for over eight years, certifying their software for use with a range of HP hardware.  Thus enabling our joint customers with fully functional solutions right out of the box.  We have added the new ZBook 15 G5 and ZBook Studio laptops, as well as the Z2 Mini G4 desktop platform to our long list of certified HP hardware. Our team has completed its certification of remote management of the HP Z series of Notebooks and Desktops with the Intel vPro technology.  Thus making IT asset management more attainable then ever.

Z by HP

Z by HP is the newest software update, characterized by its extreme reliability and unthrottled performance. Boasting new security features and graphics capabilities, the update is also partnered with a variety of other software providers. Further, the software is geared toward various industries, including education, healthcare, and video surveillance.  For complete information visit www.hp.com/z

By combining SyAM’s software with those offered by Z by HP, our clients are virtually unstoppable with both in-band and out-of-band IT management capabilities. SyAM Software provides users with the power of remote and asset management software.  Both which keep IT in control with a full understanding of Asset status.

In addition to the vPro management capabilities, we qualify the software for all in-band and out-of-band remote management capabilities. Our features give IT managers even more power and control.  IT is enabled to manage thousands of systems seamlessly from their desk. From software deployment to driver updates, SyAM Solutions handles it all.

Our goal at SyAM is to connect each of our clients with the highest, and most innovative technology available. We make it easy to implement, deploy, and manage assests with simplicity. For more information about SyAM Software and IT asset management, visit them online.

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