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SBAC 10.4: Updates for the New School Year

Although the school is still in session, it is never to soon to start planning for the upcoming year. While teachers finish up lesson plans, and kids pick out their new lunchboxes, administrators have a network of assets and details to manage.  Because technology is key in todays world, it is essential that any device accessible for educational purposes is equipped with the appropriate software. SyAM Software provides the perfect software application deployment solution to efficiently update your assets.

SBAC 10.4

SBAC 10.4 is the newest version of requirements for secure testing set by the Connecticut State Department of Education. The secure browser of choice varies according to operating system and device, so be sure to visit their site at https://ct.portal.airast.org/secure-browsers.stml, to make sure you meet all the requirements. Also important to note, is that the devices must be in the version specified.  Therefore, newer versions then what is listed will not be compatible.


By utilizing the technologies that SyAM Software provides, you can cut your workload dramatically. Their program allows you to simultaneously deploy the required software updates on all the devices in your network. Software application deployment has saved IT managers time and frustration by allowing the update of all of assets at once.

The beauty of our software application deployment is how quietly it operates. The software will update each mobile device and computer in the network without disrupting users. Additionally, you can schedule the update out, or complete it on demand. SyAM’s system also keeps organized records of which assets received the update, so you know exactly who has what.


At SyAM Software, we want to make your job as simple as possible. By utilizing our software application deployment system you not only save time, but you are ensured accuracy with ease.  For more information contact us at (888) 864-3963 or visit our website at syamsoftware.com.

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