Academy – Software Deployment

Software Deployment - Training

These training slides provide understanding on how to deploy software silently across your network.

Whether you're deploying a simple update to Flash or Java, a full Office 365 deployment, or Auto Desk CAD software, SyAM makes it easy while saving you time and money.

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Client Deployment - Training

A helpful guide to understanding how to deploy the SyAM client to target systems across your network.

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Setup and Configuration of Management Utilities - Training


Setup and Configure the Management Utilities to assist with efficiently.  Schedule patch deployment and configuration changes to target systems across your network, without disrupting users.

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Management Utilities User Interface - Training


Learn how to navigate the Management Utilities User Interface.

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Management Utilities Job Scheduling - Training


Scheduling jobs is quick and easy with the SyAM Management Utilities. These training slides show the simple, yet powerful, steps to schedule jobs to run when you want them to run.

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