Academy – Computer Power Management Software

White Paper - Intelligent Automated Power Management Software

Repositioning your IT department in order to save money on energy is simple with SyAM's Power Management Software.  Providing simple, non-disruptive, yet intelligent solutions to manage and report computer assets power consumptions.


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Executive Brief - Asset Audit Software

With SyAM Management Utilities and Power Auditor, IT administrators can identify cost savings to be achieved through power management.  A power audit will create an accurate baseline to report how many killowatts are used on a regular basis.


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Power Management - Quick Reference Guide

Quick reference guide to common power management functions.

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What is Power Management?

Frequently Asked Questions about power management functions and how they work.

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Performing a Power Audit

A guideline on performing a power audit.

Learn how much you can save from the implementation of SyAM's Intelligent Power Management Solution.

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Power Auditor - Identified Savings - Training

A helpful guide to understanding the Identified Savings.

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Power Auditor - Achieved Savings - Training

A helpful guide to understanding the Achieved Savings.

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Power Auditor - Reports - Training

A helpful guide to understanding the Power Audit Reports.

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Tech Tip - Remote Wake on LAN

This Tech Tip explains the different ways you can remotely wake-up systems across your network by using Wake on LAN.

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Power Policy Template Settings