Case Studies

Norwalk Public Schools Uses SyAM to Save Time and Money

When I looked at SyAM I saw that it was exactly what we needed. SyAM not only handled power management but included other applications that we needed. In total, we could get a system that would control all our machines, reduce power consumption, push software, manage assets, generate reports, manage mobile devices, include a ticketing system and save us a lot of  time and money”

David Hopp - Director of Technology

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Windsor Public Schools Attain Very High ROI with SyAM Integrated Asset Management

“SyAM has been instrumental in allowing us to add more devices, even while we were reducing resources. We could only do that because SyAM has so much functionality.”

Matt Dadona - Director of Information Technology and Career and Technical Education

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Westwood Public Schools - One-stop-shopping for Asset Management, Ticketing, and Device Insurance

Since SyAM is an integrated solution it was easy to simply start using SyAM for asset management.”

Steve Ouellette - Director of Technology, Learning

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Canton Public Schools Replaces Three Programs with SyAM

“I would definitely recommend SyAM; not only because of the cost savings, which are significant, but also its environmental impact savings, and how hands-on and simple  SyAM has made it for us during the installation process”

Jeff DelMastro - Technology Coorindator

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The Greening of a Golden State One Campus at a Time

“SyAM Software stood out because its power management was user friendly, intelligent and could accommodate the requirements of our IT staff”

Ravi Shah - UCLA Chairman Green IT Task Force

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The Plane Truth: SyAM System Area Manager Improves Operational Efficiencies, IT Response Time

"With SyAM System Area Manager we now have the ability to connect and manage all of our systems with fewer resources, and thanks to the rich and intuitive V4  Dashboard, the solution was easy to implement and use."

Aleksandrs Mortulevs  - SmartLynx Airlines IT Director

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“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” (or improve it).

The SyAM tools have provided us with a view into the energy savings being realized by the University, as we manage just over 2700 computers”
Carl Fussell - IT Director Santa Clara University, CA

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SyAM Power Management Solution Boosts Performance, Productivity and Savings for Texas School District

“Installation, implementation and deployment was a very seamless process that was pushed out over district computers in a matter of days and without disrupting teachers,”


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Rolling SyAM out was simplified through its automated deployment and configuration capability.

“Once we had the systems installed we had access to real time status information and had remote capabilities on demand to everything through its centralized dashboard.”

Anthony Musacchio -  Associate Director of Information Technology

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Remote System, Power Management Not Always "By The Book" Taking the Guesswork out of IT Management
By finding green solutions to saving electricity we not only reduce our overall spending but we also help to save the planet by not wasting energy and the fuel it takes to generate it,"

Susan Deschenes - Assistant Director Nashua Public Library 


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