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New Release for Expanded Chromebook Management Solutions

With the new school year upon us, many administrators are tasked with managing thousands of Chromebooks.  The current trend of moving away from PC’s to a 1-to-1 system for students; along with tracking insurance coverage for these devices further magnifies the administrator workload. Thus, they are looking for a Chromebook management solution to simplify their daily management tasks and tie into Google Admin Console. 


At SyAM Software, we have the solution you seek.  With the recent release of the new version of our mobile device management for Chromebooks, we’ve expanded features and solutions.  From assets Chromebook management to insurance tracking; an updated interface enables administrators with a quicker solution to manage daily Chromebooks tasks.



SyAM has been providing school districts Asset Chromebook Management and insurance tracking for years. By tying into the Google Service APIs, the information becomes available as soon as the Chromebook is enrolled into Google Admin Console (GAC) 

With our new release, we now provide administrators the needed interface to quickly find, and make changes to the Organization Units, Users, and Chromebook devices; without needing to log into GAC.  Changes are automatically updated in GAC and the SyAM Asset Dashboard, allowing a time-saving solution for your busy day.

Further, device management administrators can search for devices and make changes.  Changes may include; moving a device to a new org unit, programming the annotated fields, or disabling or deprovision of the device. All of these changes can be deployed to a single device or groups of devices.  In addition, administrators can update organizational units and users. Whether creating, deleting, or editing permissions of users, with the new layout of the organization dashboard allows for easy task completion.  


Chromebook Insurance Tracking

Handling the task of tracking device insurance and repairs is a major task for both IT and school administration staff.  SyAM handles this key benefit in our Chromebook management solution under the asset protection feature; which is a part of the integrated helpdesk.  This feature allows not only for insurance policy tracking, but also other information to be easily, and quickly, assessed.  Information such as coverage, usage, service history, and payment of premiums is there at your fingertips.


For more information on SyAM Software’s newest Chromebook management release, contact our team of experts at (888) 864-3964.  We provide educational asset management solutions that puts time back in your hands.


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