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Managing Apple TV with SyAM MDM in the Education Space

Apple TV is becoming a more and more popular way for teachers to display information in the classroom.  Whether your platform is an iPad or MAC screen, Apple TV is making sharing information within the classroom is a seamless task with SyAM MDM in the education space.  With SyAM’s Mobile Device Management, security and access limitations are implemented with ease.



With SyAM MDM managing your Apple TV has never been an easier task.  Whether you’re configuring your wireless networking system or setting restriction controls, full access is now at your fingertips.  Providing the capability to mirror your display to the Apple TV, seamless streaming, sharing of information, and monitoring is capable from any location.  Similarly, configuring a display-only feature can also be obtained with ease.  Another benefit is the uninterrupted functionality achieved while remaining stationary at your desk or moving around the classroom.



At SyAM Software, we understand the importance of security.  In a world where more and more students are operating off of their personal devices, a Mobile Device Management solution that’s easy to use is critical. By taking advantage of SyAM’s MDM in the education space, simple, yet important features, such as password security, is easily accessible to teacher.  Teachers are enabled to restrict students from displaying their devices inappropriately. However, when required, students can have the ability to share their screens for an interactive classroom experience.


Seamless Applications

Although the possibilities are endless, here are a few of the top ways in which managing your Apple TV with MDM can benefit the classroom atmosphere:

  • Display YouTube videos
  • Annotate documents live within the classroom.
  • Display pictures of student/teacher work for exhibits with slideshow features.
  • Demonstrate new apps being introduced for student use.
  • Easily used as an interactive whiteboard through whiteboard apps.
  • Access to iTunes U videos
  • Use of Khan Academy for educational lessons.
  • Implement as a document camera


For more information on how SyAM Software can take your classroom to the next level of teaching, visit them online.  SyAM works closely with its educational customers providing the relevant knowledge base and technical tips to ensure the highest level of performance with MDM in the education space.

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