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How SyAM Help Desk Solution Is Helping Schools With Asset Management

Regardless of the size of your school district, every organization relies on some level of asset management.  However, the type of management system being used can make or break the efficiency of your school.  At SyAM Software, our help desk solution with integrated asset management functionalities is benefiting schools across the country.

Our help desk solution works for organizations of all sizes. Whether you’re a large city managing 20,000 assets in a multi-building campus, or a smaller town with under 2,000 assets in a single environment, our software can help.  In this article, we’re providing a brief overview of just a few of the ways SyAM is making asset management simple and cost-effective for schools.

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Reducing mistakes

With the latest technologies, our software makes it easy for people to access a self-serve portal using their  desktop, tablet or smartphone with the same look and feel interface. The portal is customized to allows individuals to enter pertinent information from choices relevant to their situation. Thus, reducing mistakes.

From ticket entry to improved distribution of tickets to technicians, this real-time tracking system is the perfect time-saving solution.  By eliminating the guesswork and the time-consuming task of fixing mistakes, your school will save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per year.

Furthermore, customers can tailor the help desk solution to meet the technical abilities of the audience at hand.  Thus, if the majority of users are not tech-savvy, schools can customize a solution that makes usability simple and straightforward. By doing so, the school is helping both the end user communicate the problem and the technicians in efficiently finding a resolution.


Improving efficiency

SyAM handles a variety of applications in an all-in-one solution. By empowering schools with a unified intelligent device management solution, our software increases productivity and efficiency. From tickets, power management, and even software deployment; administrators have an accurate, complete asset database at the tips of their fingers.



In school districts, money is always tight.  However, by providing a solution that offers a reduction in power consumption, you’re saving money.  Not only on electricity, but also potentially reducing costs further more with energy efficiency rebates.

For example, SyAM’s power management allows administrators to regulate a schedule of availability.  The program allows for the shutdown of devices based on the times they’re needed.  Thus, your school is no longer paying for power on assets that aren’t being utilized during the late hours of the night.



At SyAM, we offer a help desk solution that allows administrators to tailor the software to meet your specific requirements. With the capability of reducing power consumption, managing assets including Chromebooks and iOS devices, report generation, and more, it’s time to consider contacting our team. Also, be sure to visit our case studies page for detailed information on campuses benefiting from our innovative solutions.


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If your school district is not satisfied with the current system or needs assistance pro-actively managing assets, it’s time to give the team at SyAM Software a call.  Contact us today at (888) 864-3963 to find out how we can have your school time and money.



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