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The Upgraded Help Desk Solution Parents Have Been Waiting For


As many areas of the country announce plans for the return to school, families are preparing for the new “normal.” However, one of the most significant changes is the implementation of remote learning. Whether your district offers a hybrid or fully remote option, at-home learning will be one of the primary sources of education this upcoming year. Because of this inevitable change, the need for an efficient help desk solution is a must.

In our previous article, we discussed how the SyAM Software help desk solution worked from the perspective of the educational facility.  In this article, we’re taking you inside the life of remote learning and how this solution is a valuable tool for supporting parents.


Springtime Navigational Chaos

The shut down of educational facilities across the country during the spring months caused much turmoil. In a short amount of time, school facilitators were forced to implement communication systems. Many who were not adequately prepared to handle this change with success.

The standard solution became a generalized email account, or Google form, which allowed parents to submit questions or inform staff of technical issues. However, the coordination of this method quickly became a messy task. With little organization, administrators soon realized that all staff members were receiving all submitted emails and the responses to them. This digital chaos caused many emails to be left unanswered, leaving parents and students at home with improperly functioning software.


SyAM Help Desk Solution

There was no easy way to navigate which emails were answered and which were not. So, our team at SyAM Software decided it was time to expand support for our email to ticket feature set. By enabling full wildcard domain support, parents simply submit an email to report any issues. The software system then automatically transforms that email into a ticket, while sending confirmation back to the parent. 

This simplified process allows for appropriate staff members to access and monitor tickets; becoming aware of who is doing what and if there are tickets that still need attending. Should more information be required, the system allows communication between staff and parents via the email ticketing system. The correspondence is automatically updated in the ticket comments. A much more efficient process in which no communications are ever lost. 

Furthermore, the parent is automatically updated about their ticket’s progress without the need for follow up. With all ticket information searchable in the knowledge-base, staff can quickly find remedies previously provided for similar reported issues as well. An overall simplified and user-friendly support system that saves parents valuable time.

For more information on how the SyAM help desk solution can help your educational facility become a more streamlined, efficient communication system between parents and IT, contact our team of experts at (888) 864-3964 or info@syamsoftware.com.


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